Educational kit

TiZYX supports teaching

You want an original way to learn languages to your students?

Don’t worry! TiZYX is here for you…

Thanks to our educational decoration that you can dispose everywhere in your classroom (but not in the bottom of your cupboard…), your students will find a funny way to learn a new language!

45,83 TTC (soit 45,83 HT)


Decoration for your classroom

These 3D printed models (which you can put on window ledges, your desk, …) will allow you to decorate your classrooms for the greatest delight of your students (and we hope for yours too)!

An easy learning

The purpose is to facilitate the learning of the language by the presence of these “3D printed words”.

Several languages available

Our kit is declined in German, English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Dutch.

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