Most of the time, it’s because your belt isn’t enough tight.

You can put a buildtak, Kapton tape, blue scotch. We pre-calibrated all of our nozzle with a buildtak on the head bed, for us it’s the best sticking surface for your printing.

It’s really easy :

  • Degrease the aluminium support.
  • Prepare a card ( debit or loyalty card) to smooth the buildtack.
  • Slowly remove the white protection ( Be careful from now on, it stick a lot !!)
  • Align, without touching, the buildtack  with the front edge (to be sure to be straight).
  • Once your sure of you, you can glue one of the corner and smooth the buildtack with a card, it has to be progressively to not create any bubble.
  • Now that your buildtack is glue, check if there is any bubble air.
  • If you have some, drill them with a needle and pull out the air with your card.

The bed is certified at 110°C (230°F).