• The Nozzle
  • standard one will be : 0.4mm

  • for more precision : 0.2mm

  • for huge pieces and a faster printing : 0.8mm

If your nozzle is clogged, you will have to disassembled it. But no worries, it’s not complicated. Just be careful with your fingers because you will have to do it when the nozzle is heated.

You will need a 7mm wrench, a 10 mm wrench, a 16mm wrench and Allen wrench.

  • First, it’s necessary to remove all the cables from the nozzle block. The order has to be :
    L’ordre doit être : the huge bleu cable of the sensor ;  the 4 red and black cables from the ventilators.
  • Then, unscrew the nozzle block (long screws : 25mm on the right and 16mm on the left) Caution : do not take them off with a screwer otherwise you will damage the screw theard.
  • Once the screw are remove, you can pull out the nozzle block in order to release the nozzle itself. Do not put the nozzle on your buildtack bed. You will have to heat the nozzle, we recommend you to put on your bed a support heat resistant (a mat for example).
  • Turn on your printer and do : menu – control – heat – 200°C (392°F).
  • Once your nozzle is heat, take the 7 and 16 wrench and unscrew the small nozzle (where the plastic go out). Caution with the heat !! If the nozzle is full of plastic inside, no worries. Just take a piece of plastic filament and while the nozzle still heated, put the filament inside and pull the filament to remove waste.
  • Before dismantled the rest, try to put some filament inside the nozzle as usual.
    If the nozzle still clog, unscrew the heating element of the heatbreaker. It’s here, where the nozzle start to clog.
  • Once dismantle, try to clean up. You need to clean up the small white plastic tub ( the same as the one which go from the extruder to the nozzle but with a small diameter).
    If this tub is damage, please contact us.

260°C for the nozzle (500°F).