First, don’t forget to adapt the offset according to the protection that you put on your bed!

The kit is supplied with a calibrated nozzle for a thickness protection corresponding to the one of the buildtak.

Don’t worry we explain you everything after!

First, how to put the filament:

For all your prints, TiZYX recommend the software Cura 4.1

Available for FREE on this WEBSITE

Download HERE your first print

We are currently developing a dedicated version to the TiZYX k25 but don’t worry, you can download directly the parameters of the TiZYX k25:

You can also use the general version and include the parameters of the TiZYX k25 by hand like that:

Once Cura is adjusted, last step if you don’t have a nozzle already calibrated or if you want to improve your adjustment: the offset of your printer.

Here how it goes: