Who are we ?

TiZYX is a start-up specialize into design, development and marketing of 3D products. We design and manufacture High quality 3D printers with a playful aspect. All of our printers are deliver in KIT version, in order to include yourself into our creation process.

Because we are like that at TiZYX, we like to share with others ?

Our adventure begun in 2017, when Fred, our CEO, couldn’t found a 3D printer which was responding to his expectations. This is why he started to develop a new machine « The TiZYX » and made it accessible and affordable for everyone.

All of our machines are made in our office which is located in Tourcoing in the north of France. One of the particularities is that all of our plastic pieces are made by our own printers. Our aim is to provide something reliable and which will satisfy your expectations without needed to modify it in order to obtain an optimal quality of printing.

We are combining all the best technologies and we develop other innovative methods in order to create a complete solution for you and our machine. Our R&D team is always trying to find new functionalities and uses to our machine in order to be scalable and essential.

Our commitments:

A french quality for our products and a team always here to guide and help you with the discovery of our machine

We are at your disposal to answer all your questions.

A dedicated team:

We are all driven by innovation, technologie and entrepreneurship.

But we are also a bit (a lot actually) geek in our soul, with an offbeat humor and a really strange taste for music.