Because 3D printing is not always enough for

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Our new Evy is made for you!


High structure in “X” for more rigidity


Modern design that encompass all the technical pieces


Threaded rods for an optimum precision (zero wooble)


Deported extruder on the axis X to facilitate the change of the filament and to balance the loads


Lecteur de carte SD. Gardez tous vos fichiers à portée de clic


Bouton d’arrêt d’urgence (on n’est jamais trop prudent)


Molette pour un accès facilité aux menus


Tilted display for a complete control of the printing


Printing volume of 25x25x25cm
that is to say almost 2x the printing volume of a standard printer


Heat bed as standard!
Control the adherence of your prints


EVY’s heart

A 2 seconds interchangeable head, without tools and settings.
Printer, Laser engraver, Cutter or Plotter: it’s your choice


BL TOUCH sensor automatic levelling in 9 points.
For a perfect planeness on any surface!

EVY in number

25 x 25 x 25 cm

EVY keeps its huge using dimensions: 25x25x25cm.
That is a printing volume of 15.6L! What is 2 times bigger than standard 3D printers (20x20x20cm).
This volume allow to print bigger pieces or customize all your objects.

50 µm

That is the minimal thickness printing layer of the EVY. It’s also the thickness of a hair but especially the same resolution than most of 3D printers reserved to professionals

5,0 µm et 12,0 µm

5µm for the precision of positioning in height.
12µm for the one in width and depth.
It allows the positioning of the head with a surgical precision! Perfect to keep all the details of your projects

With EVY, we have decided to improve our last 3D printer (TiZYX k25) to add new functions (direct drive – bi-material – laser – cutter – plotter) to enter in the DIY world.

You can find those new tools below:

  • Outil buse imprimante 3D multifonctions EVY TiZYX
  • Outil buse direct drive imprimante 3D multifonctions EVY TiZYX
  • Outil laser imprimante 3D multifonctions EVY TiZYX
  • Outil cutter imprimante 3D multifonctions EVY TiZYX
  • Outil traceur imprimante 3D multifonctions EVY TiZYX

Un système de changement de tête ultra rapide

Même pas besoin de démonter votre imprimante !

A use on several materials…

Technical features

Minimal printing thickeness: 0.05mm

Positioning precision: 0.005 mm on Z axe and 0.012 mm on X and Y axes

Automatic levelling: BL Touch original sensor integrated in the nozzle block with 9 points of levelling for a perfect planeness

Printing volume: 25x25x25cm (=9.84×9.84×9.84″), that is a volume of 15.6L (against 8L for a traditional 3D printer of 20x20x20cm)

Printing speed: 30 to 100 mm/s

Nozzle supplied: size of your choice (0.2mm-0.4mm-0.5mm-0.6mm-0.8mm interchangeable) limited to 270°C (=518°F)

Recommended material: PLA for ecological reasons but also all the plastics used at showed temperatures

Heat bed: 25x25cm (=9.84×9.84″) to facilitate the adhesion on all the surface – 240W for a fast heating time and a maximal temperature of 110°C (=230°F)

Control display: 128×64 pixels, SD Card player, spanner adjuster and emergency stop button

Bulk: 52x45x43cm (=20.47×17.71×16.92″). The bed is always inside the structure

Weight: 7 kg

Design softwares: Compatible with all the softwares of drawing and 3D design

Slicer softwares: Compatible with most of the softwares Cura/Repetier/Simplify3D…

Laser/Cutter/Plotter/Food syringe software: Inkscape equipped with the TiZYX unit. Free and compatible with Mac OS and Windows

CNC software: Estlcam (free)

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